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Family Education Calendar


Family Education Dates (K-4th)  | Sundays, 10:30am, Ballroom

Kindergarten   Sep 7
1st Grade       Apr 12
2nd Grade      Nov 2
3rd Grade      Sep 14
4th Grade       Feb 22

Family Education Dates (5th & 6th Grade)  | Sundays

5th Grade     
Nov 9
Jan 11, Cemetery Visit

6th Grade     
Sep 14, 11am, Ballroom
Nov 23, 11 am, Ballroom
Feb 1, 11am, Ballroom
Mar 22, 11am, Ballroom

Special Events  | CBI & Religious School  |  Please save these dates on your calendar.

Aug 25             1st Day of Sunday Hebrew & Religious School
Aug 28             1st Day of Thursday Hebrew
Sep 4               1st Day of 8-12th Grade Ma’ayan Program
Sep 14              1st Day of Pre-Kindergarten Class (10am)
Oct 10-12         Camp Stein Retreat, Grades 1-6th  |  No Religious School Classes for PreK or K
Oct 19              Family Curriculum/Orientation Day, 10am-12:30pm  |  No Hebrew Classes
Dec 11             Midyear Hebrew Testing-Thursday Hebrew (4rd-6th)
Dec 14             Midyear Hebrew Testing-Sunday (3rd-6th)
Dec 14             Chanen Chanukah Carnival  |  Early Release – Noon (K-2nd Grade only)
Jan 9-12           L’Taken Trip to DC for Confirmation Students (10th Grade)
Jan 16-18         Annual 7th & 8th Grade LA Trip
Jan 25              Mitzvah Day  |  Early Release – Noon
Mar 4               Purim Shpeil
Mar 22             Walk to Stomp Out Cancer  |  Early Release – Noon
Mar 27             Family Retreat at Camp Stein
Apr 12              Year End Hebrew Testing-Sunday Hebrew (3rd-6th)
Apr 16              Year End Hebrew Testing-Thursday Hebrew (4th-6th)
Apr 24              Consecration
Apr 26              Kahn Classic Golf Tournament
May 3              Last Day of Sunday Hebrew & Judaic Classes
May 7              Last Day of Hebrew & Ma’ayan Classes
May 8              Ma’ayan Graduation
May 9              Confirmation