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What is the Welcome Home Project?

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The goal of the Welcome Home Project is to create a warm and welcoming environment where we can nurture each other through acts of kindness, warmth and compassion.

By giving it structure, every member of Congregation Beth Israel is invited to help build and strengthen our “Kehilah Kedoshah” - our Holy Community - with Jewish values and responsibilities at our core.

The volunteers of this project are asked to give their time and energies where they are most comfortable and able. Underlying all our collective skills is our creativity, experience, and passion for Jewish life.

Utilizing the unique talents among us, we will create a Holy Community that will nurture and honor our Jewish traditions. As volunteers supporting this project, we will lead by example and share our best practices. We will unselfishly support each other to reach our goal.

We invite every member of our synagogue to become a part of this Holy Community by contributing their time to one or more of these teams:

Hot to Get Involved

Members may indicate their interests by completing the Welcome Home Project Volunteer Form or phoning the Temple office at (480) 951-0323. Thank you for your support!

Together we will nurture our sacred community and nourish each other through acts of kindness, compassion and love.


Rabbi Stephen Kahn