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Mitzvah Project / Social Action Committee

Welcome! Mitzvah Project is our social action committee. We are dedicated to creating opportunities for our members to participate in the ongoing work of fulfilling the commandment of Ma'asim Tovim

You can reach the Mitzvah Corp. Committee one of these ways: Stay in the loop! If you do not yet receive emails from CBI, please take a moment to join our Mailing List. Email the Mitzvah Project Committee. Call the synagogue office at (480) 951-0323. Thank you for your support!


Each and every month UMOM seeks particular supplies to meet the needs of their specific clientele. Below is a monthly giving list. There will be a donations box in our rotunda at CBI for all of us to place inside the requested items. Please come by the synagogue and donate these items so that we can consistently continue our work and engage in mitzvot.

January - Arts and crafts supplies

February - After school program supplies (hula hoops, bean bags, small toys)

March - Sports equipment and USB drives

April - Dictionaries and alarm clocks

May - Non-perishable snack items and binders

June - Gardening tools and seeds (for UMOM's garden)